Mr. Muhammad Alfian Ramadhan founded a company called ZAMAN GROUP at the beginning of 2018 by carrying out an integrated trading company as the core of its business. ZAMAN GROUP becomes a local trading company in Indonesia which is growing rapidly thanks to cooperation with many parties starting from farmers, domestic producers, manufacturing companies, to local governments.

Mr. Muhammad Alfian Ramadhan started his career as an assistant chief commissioner at “PT. HumpussIntermodaTransportasiTbk” in which this company engaged in marine logistics transportation. Mr. Muhammad Alfian Ramadhan also trusted to become Business Development Supervisor because of his capability to developing company business, and also his wittiness in finding opportunities in every market exists in the marine business sector. 

In the following year, he served in the same position at “PT PelayaranTempuran Mas Tbk” and developed a container logistics distribution network throughout Indonesia. In a short time, he studied all the commodities traded in Indonesia and saw the potential to introduce the best commodities to the world community

He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Airlangga University and an M.B.A. (Magister Business Administration) in Global Business from Coventry University London Campus. He is one of the top graduates at CULC and has an extensive alumni network around the world.