Copra Pellets

Copra expellers are made into pellet forms

Coco Fiber
Coconut Fiber

Coconut coir is part of the mesocarp in the form of coarse coconut fibers

Coconut Peat

product of coconut after we extract the fiber from the coconut shell. 

RBD Hydrogenated Coconut Oil

RBD HCNO is a solid white fat in texture and a clear liquid if applied to heat. 

RBD Coconut oIL

RBD Coconut Oil is used in coconut-based cooking oil, for food

Coconut Fatty Acid
Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate

the side product obtained during the refining process of crude coconut oil

Areca Nut
Areca Nut

Areca nut is the seed of a coconut plant called Areca catechu

Dried Sliced Ginger

a plant whose rhizomes are often used as spices and raw materials for traditional medicine

Dried Sliced Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice commonly used in cooking in Asian countries

Dried Sliced Galangal

the root of the Alpiniaofficinarum plant which is native to South Asia.